Professional-sounding podcasts start with Podcast Studio
Record, edit, and publish effortlessly so you can concentrate on what’s important – keeping your audience engaged and entertained.
No mixers, no cables, just conversation.
Podcast Studio makes everything about podcasting easier. You don’t need to be an audio pro to host, edit, and publish your podcast – Podcast Studio takes care of the hard stuff and lets you focus on the conversation.
Participants, not tracks.
A discussion isn’t a set of multi-channel inputs and level meters. It’s group participation, back-and-forth communication. Podcast Studio makes it easy to see who is talking and when.
Wireless participation.
The free Podcast Studio Remote companion app enables participation from nearly anywhere. With a simple invitation, your participants can join in the conversation when you’re ready for them – with best-in-class privacy and unparalleled audio quality.
Single-click publishing.
Podcast Studio supports most major podcast hosting services, and can publish your episode directly to your podcast with the click of a button.
Smart audio routing
Mic and headphone checks
Easy leveling
Remote Participants
High quality audio
Secure and private
Prerecorded clips
Bumper music, sound effects,
field recordings, ads
Pristine audio quality
HD audio throughout
Multiple audio device support
Easiest editing ever
Intuitive UI
Fully non-destructive
Manages levels, EQs,
crosstalk, and more
Metadata support
Supports all podcast properties
Full chapter support
Direct publishing
Share with friends
Send to Buzzsprout and others
Try Podcast Studio free for two weeks!
After the trial period, Podcast Studio is available for a monthly subscription.
  • High-quality recording
  • AudioMagic
  • Easy publishing
  • ...and much more!
  • All the features of Bronze
  • Remote participants
  • Geolocation recording
  • Advanced editing
Podcast Studio
Available for Mac and iPad
Podcast Studio Remote
Available for Mac and iPhone